High School Teacher Forced To Resign When Puritanical Parents Find Her Burlesque Videos

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burlessqueA Virginia teacher has been forced to resign by some jerkface, busybody, Puritanical parents who flipped their lids when they discovered that the nice neighborhood high school teacher was also *gasp* a burlesque dancer, and this is some utter bullshit.

According to Yahoo Parenting, a YouTube video of a performance of “Twerkin’ in the Rain” at the 2014 Michigan Burlesque Festival  by a performer going by Lottie Ellington has caused a lot of drama this week when parents recognized Ellington as a teacher at Hopewell High School.

“A lot of booty bopping, a lot of breasts, the whole nine yards,” said parent Bernadette Thomason, accurately describing both Ellington’s performance and about 98 percent of modern burlesque. “She doesn’t need to be teaching my child or any child at all for that matter.”

It’s almost as if a woman who has breasts and likes to dance with them out cannot teach children anything about math or history, except it is not like that at all. Burlesque dancers are wonderful people and artists, and there’s nothing immoral or untoward about it.

The parents, however, disagree.

“I can’t believe a teacher that’s supposed to be teaching our children the right way would do something like that,” said local parent Mary Peterson.

Maybe if Mary Peterson doesn’t think burlesque dancing is “the right way,” she should teach her children her morals herself, and not expect the world to adhere specifically to what she thinks a woman should and should not do with her body.

Parents seem to feel like they get 100-percent say over the lives of their children’s teachers even when those teachers are not on the clock, and that is ridiculous. There is nothing shameful about stripping, and if Ellington has fun and is doing what she loves, then good for her.

Ellington, for her part, seems to be taking the controversy in stride. She has resigned from her position, but is still doing burlesque and will be performing at the Ohio Burlesque Festival this weekend.

“I am an adult, and I am human,” Ellington wrote on her Facebook page. “I am not in any way ashamed of my art, my life, my sexuality, or my choices.”

(Photo: Facebook/Lottie Ellington)