Top 10 Ways Celebrity Moms (Always) Say They Lose Baby Weight

losing baby weightAnother post-baby body is among us, ladies! This time it’s Snooki grabbing tabloid covers with — not just a leopard print bikini — but also coveted details on how she went about losing baby weight. Applause, applause! Postpartum magic!

Now, as someone who sorts through celebrity post-baby weight loss coverage for a living, I can guarantee you that big postpartum weight loss reveals always come coupled with one of many canned explanations.

Like a lot of celebrity PR, it’s a script at this point — and not necessarily because weight loss is only achieved said 10 ways. If you’re a celebrity, the sky is the limit. You could literally be sitting around in your big lofty mansion eating strawberries for 60 days (otherwise known as an eating disorder) and lose your baby weight that way. Or, you can take a page from People magazine and just hope for really intense morning sickness and never put on much baby weight to begin with (also known as very serious medical condition).

But if you’re a celebrity mother, you don’t run to the presses with stories like that — nor do you allow your trainer too. Hell to the no. You employ one of these top 10 explanations for why you’re so svelte and happy (because those two always go together) — regardless of if they’re true or not.



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