16 Tips To Help You Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

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Find Some Me Time


Image: iStock/RossHelen

If you’re not yet familiar with the sensation of being “touched out,” you will be soon enough. Parenting is hard work, and in some ways, breastfeeding-— having your baby literally attached to you, sometimes for hours at a time — makes it even harder. Relieve some of the inherent stress of motherhood by finding some time to just be by yourself. Whether that’s handing baby off to a friend so you can take a shower, getting a solid workout in, or getting up 20 minutes early to meditate, having some “me time” will lower your stress levels and help you better face the rest of the day. Stress is linked to weight gain, via hormonal changes and craving starchy or fatty foods, so not only will alone time help you be a better, calmer parent, but it may help you lose those extra pounds as well.

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