16 Tips To Help You Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

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Get Moving

Image: Instagram / @melonytalvy

Contrary to popular belief, you can exercise while you’re breastfeeding! Most new moms can start some form of gentle exercise once they’re fully healed down below and have been cleared by their OBGYN or midwife, and gradually build up to something moderate. It’s important to consider the extra calories burned from making milk itself in addition to what you burn while exercising, and to make sure that you’re still eating plenty to maintain a solid supply. You’ll need to plan your workout schedule somewhat around your baby’s feeding schedule (or lack thereof); honestly, it’s so much more comfortable to exercise after a feed, when your breasts are emptier. And it’s worth noting that some babies do notice a taste difference immediately after Mom’s sweat session, as extra lactic acid may show up in the milk. But exercise is very doable, and can be an important part of postpartum weight loss (not to mention a source of much-needed alone time).

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