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The Accidental Mom Diet

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Woman measuring waistAfter 30 years of searching, I’ve finally found the secret to losing weight without trying. It’s not some crazy liquid fast or some overpriced shake plan purchased from the playgroup leader in an effort to make a new mom friend. And no, it’s not breastfeeding. Turns out, the secret to losing the baby weight is simply being a mom with young kids.

Prior to my c-section, I was on bed rest for almost two months before my twins were born. I knew I had an uphill battle ahead of me just to regain full use of my muscles, let alone losing the baby weight. My c-section was unplanned, and during the three hours of trying to push with no progress, I pulled my back. I was cleared by my doctor to resume an exercise routine six weeks after my kids were born, but between my back, taking care of two preemie newborns and it being the dead of winter, losing the baby weight wasn’t that high on my list of priorities.

As the kids starting sleeping more and the weather turned warmer, I tried to eat better and took a lot of walks, but still, most of my day was spent on the couch holding a baby and I was starting to look and feel a bit like a sloth.

Everything changed drastically once the kids started walking and eating solid foods.

Long extinct are my days of sitting on the couch screening Gossip Girl on my Ipad while the kids roll around on the floor. Toddlers who run in opposite directions means I’m basically living out Sophie’s Choice everyday and getting plenty of cardio. Add a traditional Colonial floor plan into the mix, and I am lugging two kids up and down stairs multiple times a day for naps, diaper changes and clean clothes. My legs are constantly sore and my biceps have never looked better. Have you ever tried to wrestle a kid into his pajamas against his will? I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about it.

I used to forage in the cupboard for snacks all day long out of boredom. Now I’m lucky if I can scarf down a handful of Goldfish crackers without being under siege by kids who want to share my food, even though they have the same thing in front of them. Besides the occasional stress-induced cupcake that I gobble down while hiding in the shadow of the pantry, snacks are rarely worth the effort anymore.

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