Three Day Weekends With Your Family: Expectations VS Reality

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long-weekend-activitiesAh, Memorial Day Weekend. I’m always excited about Memorial Day. This is for two main reasons. First, it’s my birthday weekend every year, so I just know everything is going to be magical. Second, I am clearly delusional, which is why I ever entertain the first notion. Three day weekends always offer the distant glimmering promise of awesomeness, and always end up being awfulsauce instead. I’m fond of saying that if you expect nothing, you’ll never be disappointed. So as long as you are prepared for the worst possible weekend, literally anything above subpar will ensure that you have a sublime experience.

Expectation: Everyone will be so pleased to be home for the weekend:

Reality: This has been the week from hell.

Expectation: Grilling in the backyard.

Reality: Something goes wrong. Something always goes wrong.

Expectation: Swimming in the just-opened public pool.

Reality: The public pool sucks so hard.

Expectation: You can go camping. Who doesn’t love camping?!?

Reality: No one, that’s who.

Expectation: Everyone will get along

Reality: You get sick of each other’s faces sometime Saturday morning.

Expectation: You’ll be unplugged and work free.

Reality: You can’t stop checking your email

Expectation: You will be so sad when it ends:

Reality: You need everyone out. Right. Now.

At least you know that you can temper your disappointment with wine:

(Image: Sukit Hanphayak/Shutterstock)