This Viral Photo of a Baby With Long Fingernails Is the Scariest Thing You’ll See All Day

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Babies have no hand-eye coordination, and their tiny, chubby baby hands are tipped with sharp little talons. A baby will slash its own face up like a tiny little Edward Scissorhands if you let their nails grow even a bit. That’s why this viral photo of a baby with long, stiletto fingernails is freaking out parents everywhere.

The photo was posted on the Instagram account Daily Earthpix with the question, “Cute or not?” But the unknown baby’s hand is enough to give parents everywhere panic attacks.

People are freaking out over long baby fingernails!

And they’re pointy, too! Brr. I’m going to have nightmares.

How does a baby wind up with those fingernails?

The parent might have filed the nails into those sharp little points before clipping them, but it’s still mind-boggling that a baby’s nails could get that long. One hopes that baby didn’t try to scratch its nose, or ear, or eyes, or do anything other than look at its hands from a safe distance.

Commenters on the Instagram page were not OK with those super sharp, pointy, long baby fingernails.

“would be great for getting clawed in the face,” one said.


“NO! Unless you want to see your baby all bloody and scratched up! Don’t push the nail agenda for now. Keep them clipped for her safety,” one commenter said.

“Hoping this is photoshopped!” another gasped.

“Not cute, that’s a baby that sticks their hands in there mouth, nose, and eyes, that baby could get srsly hurt,” another said.

Babies will slash the hell out of their faces even if you do keep their nails short. Mine gouged her ears or eyes if even the tiniest sliver of white appeared at the end of her fingernails. (Not to mention what she’d do to me with those things. Brr.)

Babies are squirmy and it can be difficult to cut their fingernails. A lot of new parents worry about snipping the fingertip by mistake. That’s why some people wind up biting their baby’s fingernails off. Others find the top of the nail peels off if you run your own fingernail underneath it. But either way, shortening the nail is a good way to prevent your baby from looking like Edward Scissorhands.

What do you think of this baby’s long fingernails? Let us know in the comments.

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