Mom Hilariously Live-Tweeted Her Son’s Sex Ed Class and It’s a Wreck

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I mean … same? Once you figure out how to do it well, it’s a lot like good chocolate.

When you can’t back your lesson up with science, just lie!

Sometimes the best sex happens with someone you don’t love AT ALL. Imagine that.

Alice’s live-tweeted sex ed class totally ruined it for other parents, for sure. They’re going to confiscate all phones next time, we imagine.

Abstinence-based sex ed has been proven time and time again to be ineffective. There’s nothing wrong with teaching abstinence, mind you. But teaching ONLY abstinence and ignoring fact-based sexual education can have dire consequences. Kids need to know about sex. ALL about sex. And they need to be taught consent, biology, and how to practice SAFE sex. Because listen: they’re gonna do it. At some point, many teens (and even tweens!) are going to experiment with sex. Knowing how to do so safely isn’t going to turn them into a bunch of sex-crazed animals.

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