Little-Known Details About The Jolie-Pitt Kids

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Their Adoption Stories Came With Their Fair Share Of Drama

jolie-pitt kids

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The adoption agency that facilitated Maddox’s adoption ended up making headlines when it was shut down permanently. The charges against the agency and the owner Lynn Devin, stated that children in Cambodia were being bought from their parents for amounts as little as one hundred dollars. Devin was hit with federal charges, and plead guilty to allegations that some children were said to be orphans when they were not. When Zahara was adopted, the Jolie-Pitts found themselves again in the headlines for adoption related drama. Although Angelina Jolie was under the impression Zahara was an orphan, her birth mother came forward and stated that she put Zahara up for adoption as she could not afford to care for her. Zahara’s birth mother eventually gave her blessing for the adoption.

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