Little-Known Details About The Jolie-Pitt Kids

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Co-Parented Under A Court-Ordered Custody Arrangement


Image: Brian To/WENN.com

After an approximate two year battle between Angelina Jolioe and Brad Pitt to sort out custody of the six children after their well-publicized split, agreements were finally settled on in late 2018. Although the agreement was filed confidentially, it has been reported that the agreement is a joint physical and legal custody arrangement between the two parties. It has been rumored that the custody arrangement may change over time, with Brad Pitt gaining more custody over time. Due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the split, their somewhat acrimonious divorce was mostly fought surrounding custody of the children. However this arrangement does not apply to all children. Due to his age, Maddox is exempt from the ruling, being at an age that is seen as legally capable of making his own decisions regarding where he spends his time.

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