Watch This Little Girl Turn A Subway Platform Into A Dance Party And Then Watch Your Inner Child Come Out

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Oh hi there, good morning. Happy Sunday to ya. It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Like, the kind of week where you’re just mentally exhausted from the ignorance of people who are disrespectfully protesting powerful, peaceful protests. I’m so drained from reading despicable social media commentary, I feel like a Christopher (sleep)Walken doing a half-hearted tap dance through life. Luckily, this viral video of a little girl swept into my life yesterday and turned my frown upside down for the entire two minute, 18 second duration. I dare you–nay, double dog dare you–to get through this entire video and not feel like doing a little jig yourself:


OMG, right?! Remember when life was as simple and carefree as a subway platform dance party? That adorable little headband-wearing honey badger did not care what anyone thought; her only thought was “Oh, this is fun music. Naturally we’ve all just got to start dancing!” My favorite part was watching all the adults (who otherwise probably want to jam little toothpicks into their eyeballs while they wait for the train) smile, laugh, and dance along. Deep down, we are all adorable little dancing and singing sprites.

As you prepare to face the upcoming week (and all of the people who are all “BUT I COULDN’T ENGAGE IN CHRISTMAS CONSUMERISM FOR FIVE MINUTES BECAUSE OF THOSE DAMN PROTESTORS”), I urge to you keep this happy little girl in the back of your mind and revisit the video if you need a break from all the bad, sad, and stupid for a couple of minutes.