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10 Very Literal Songs To Put On Your Birth Playlist

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Your birth plan will not be complete without a playlist. You will spend a painstaking amount of time creating the perfect playlist to help you feel relaxed or pumped up, however you envision your birth to go. I personally thought that my birth would be more like a hard workout, and I would need bumping beats to keep me distracted and motivated. Boy, was I wrong.

I did have an overall good birth experience two times, but as soon as the contractions hit, I felt something I had never felt before. I was utterly focused, and not in a let’s-go-on-a-jog-around-the-block kind of way. I ended up switching from my dirty dirty 90s rap mix to a 24-hour Grey’s Anatomy playlist that I had handcrafted on Spotify. I wanted to be soothed, and I didn’t want anyone to talk to me. In the end, sweet indie melodies brought me to the finish line.

Creating a birthing playlist is amazingly fun before you have a baby, but just be warned that you may change your mind or mood on a dime and won’t want to use it. I highly recommend having a master playlist and a backup, and maybe three more backups, to fit any kind of ragey or emotional mood you may encounter.

The fun part about making a birthing playlist is that it can be literal. Here are the best baby songs to listen to as you shoot your bundle of joy into the world:

1. Push It by Salt N Pepa

[youtube_iframe id=”vCadcBR95oU”]

2. I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston
[youtube_iframe id=”i0oRnyXxIrY”]

3. Baby, Baby, Baby by TLC
[youtube_iframe id=”Q2H6pTtEVlo”]

4. I Want To Break Free by Queen

[youtube_iframe id=”o-Zo4AVL7AE”]

5. Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
[youtube_iframe id=”LfRNRymrv9k”]

6. Baby, One More Time by Britney Spears
[youtube_iframe id=”C-u5WLJ9Yk4″]

7. Papa, Don’t Preach by Madonna
[youtube_iframe id=”G333Is7VPOg”]

8. Hot In Herre by Nelly (the perfect sweaty labor song)
[youtube_iframe id=”GeZZr_p6vB8″]

9. Hey Mama by the Black Eyed Peas
[youtube_iframe id=”rtczBseiAac”]

10. Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G. (for all the new daddies)
[youtube_iframe id=”phaJXp_zMYM”]

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