Former America’s Next Top Model Star Is Having A Placenta Smoothie Party Without Us

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article-2448057-1892131A00000578-203_634x635Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Lisa D’Amato has set pearls-to-clutchin’ and mouths-a-gagging because she posted a picture on her Instagram account of her supposedly enjoying a smoothie made from placenta with her friends. She tagged the photo “Placenta smoothie party w/ @joaniedodds @spraguetheleg who’s next?!?!”



I am in no way a placenta smoothie expert, by any means, and who knows if they are actually consuming placenta or just like some strawberry/banana concoction and more importantly, who cares? Whooooooo? The new mom, who had her first baby Daxel Vaughn a little over a week ago, may just be punking everyone to see how furious over whether or not she is drinking her own placenta makes people. I can guarantee if I would have had social media when my babies were born I would have done the same thing, posting snaps of raw liver and my mouth covered in fake blood and captioning them #placentatime just because I am obnoxious like that.

I like it when people lose their minds over this whole placenta eating thing because as I have said before, I will eat any damn placenta just because I am pretty sure it will make me like 30 years younger and because it would be hilarious. I have also consumed food at buffets with sneeze guards before and I am pretty sure eating placenta is no more disgusting than that.

People are such babies! Who cares what she puts in her mouth hole? Don’t we have bigger things to be all scandalized about? Sheesh.

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