Lindsay Lohan Thinks We Can Stop Hurricane Devastation By Not ‘Projecting Negativity’

Lindsay Lohan tweeted about Hurricane Sandy once again proving that some celebrities are total idiots. When she hasn’t been busy fighting with her mom in public, avoiding interventions with her creepy dad, and just being Lindsay, she has been tweeting advice about how to deal with Hurricane Sandy. At least 84 people dead in the Caribbean, twelve confirmed dead in the US, and millions of people without power. But dudes, stop panicking!


When she tweeted this two days ago, we had seen a lot of the devastation in the Caribbean, so most reputable news sources were reporting that this storm could cause a lot of damage and devastation here in the US as well. I guess in Lindsay Lohan Land, if it doesn’t happen in her ‘hood, then it just doesn’t matter. I think someone should have explained to her about the damages hurricanes are capable of causing and that if people lost power that it could possibly affect their day to day relates of doing things like surviving. And having clean water. And being warm. And being able to get food. Why is it that my 8-year-old daughter could muster the question “Mom, what about the people?”  and Lindsay Lohan tweets Hurricane Sandy like it’s no biggie? Not to brag you guys, but I think my small kid is a gazillion and a half times smarter than Lindsay Lohan.

I’m sure once Hollywood gets things going on we will see a bunch of charity events to raise money for the millions of people affected by this storm, and I’m sure good ‘ol Lindsay Lohan will feign concern and caring then. Because other celebs will be doing it. And it will be cool.

Or maybe Lindsay Lohan could follow The Red Cross on Twitter and learn some important facts before she spouts off about how she doesn’t understand why people are in such a panic.

Or else Lindsay Lohan should really just stop talking. I hate when celebrities are snarky and ignorant when it comes to situations like these. It’s just so offensive. I’m sure someone, probably Lindsay herself, could make the excuse that a few days ago no one really knew how bad it would truly be, but in cases like this, isn’t it prudent to err on the side of caution? I know that none of us should be looking to Lindsay Lohan for examples of empathy and concern for mankind, but enough of the world cares about her where people actually pay her money to entertain us. I think a cooler idea would be to take all of the money she makes for being Lindsay Lohan, for whatever TV movie she will be paid a salary for starring in, and instead use that money to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’m sure just about anyone on the planet is more deserving of a paycheck than Lindsay Lohan. She can go away for a while until she learns to stop being an idiot and gets into treatment or whatever else she needs to do to act like a decent human being.


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