Lindsay Lohan To Pose In Playboy For Close To $1 Million

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There is never a dull moment in Lindsay Lohan‘s life. The latest rumor, courtesy of TMZ, is that Lohan is set to pose in Playboy for close to $1 million. You’ve got to hand it to LiLo, who talked her way from a measly $750,000 to almost one mill.

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This is a woman who in the span of a week has had her probation revoked; is sent to jail with a new, $100,000 probation; then gets turned away from the L.A. County Morgue for being late to her court-ordered community service (she apologized to staff by bringing in gourmet cupcakes, which they promptly rejected). And now, as she eagerly awaits her next hearing on November 2, Lohan has managed to negotiate a major Playboy stint that will no doubt help with her astronomical legal bills. Oh, Lindsay…

In other Lohan news, Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, 51, was arrested in Tampa, Florida, early this morning for allegedly beating up 28-year-old live-in girlfriend Kathryn Major after she refused to “perform oral sex on him,” according to police reports.

Lohan was placed in custody but was then taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital after complaining of chest pains. When he thought nobody was looking, he tried to check himself out and leave unnoticed (!). But those clever Florida police – they quickly arrested him all over again.

Honestly, I feel badly for Lindsay Lohan. Sure, there comes a point where we need to get over our bad childhoods and proceed with life as an adult. But Lindsay is only 25 years old and, well, look at who her role models have been. She has Dina Lohan as a mom – a washed-up wannabe who’s way more concerned with exploiting her daughters than actually parenting them. Then there’s her dad, Michael Lohan, who as we can see has been beating up his 20-something girlfriends. It’s heartbreaking, when you really think about it.

Yes, Lindsay should take responsibility for her actions – and that includes showing up on time for community service and, you know, not driving drunk. But you’ve got to feel some compassion towards this girl whose parents themselves are total train wrecks.

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