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It’s Almost Impossible Not To Root For Lindsay Lohan When You Realize How Sad She Is

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Lindsay Lohan OprahWatching Lindsay Lohan on Oprah‘s Next Chapter, it’s almost impossible not to feel really bad for her. Despite the prison stint, the car wrecks, the drugs and booze and fur coat snatching, I think the biggest takeaway from her interview is that she had no one looking out for her. She started working at just three-years-old as a child fashion model, and by the time she was 11 when she starred in the Disney remake of The Parent Trap. She basically grew up on camera. And she has been in rehab six times.

Speaking about her relationship with her parents, Michael and Dina, when Oprah asked her if the public perception of her parents being exploitive is correct, Lindsay said she is still very close to them and that they never took advantage of her. She said she loves her parents and in certain situations she wishes they would have handled things differently but that is in the past. She spoke about the frantic phone call from the back of the limo when Lindsay accused her mom of being on cocaine and how that entire thing wasn’t true, but she was so angry with her mother that she was acting out and acting like a crazy person. She knew the one thing that would set her mom off and trigger her was calling her father.   Her father has been arrested nine times. Lindsay also said she will be having lunch with both of her parents together this week, which means after filming.

Lindsay also said that she wishes people realized her parents are just parents, and at no time they sold her out, but her father had no right to say the things he did about her. When Oprah asked if there is toxicity in their relationship, Lindsay said not at this time.

I wouldn’t consider all of this true, but how can any of us know really? I think we have all read the tabloids and seen public appearances by both her parents and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that at least to me they always seemed what Oprah asked, exploitive. But I’m not Lindsay, I don’t know any of these people, and personally, it’s no one’s business. Not even mine even though I’m writing about it.

I know it’s so easy to judge and consider the whole train wreck of the situation that is Lindsay Lohan, I get as annoyed as anyone when I see these rich, beautiful, incredibly lucky young starlets throwing it all away. Oprah even addressed that. But you gotta feel for Lindsay when she says that all the chaos is a process of growing up, and that she has had no right to complain, and that people can say whatever they want because she has put herself in the public eye. She said she wishes that people knew the real truth of her, but there is no interest in normalcy. And all she can do is stay on her own path to recovery.

She seemed sad in the interview to me. Sad and sort of lost. But also really brave and honest. And I can’t help but root for her. It’s hard for me not to remember that adorable little girl we saw in The Parent Trap and hope that she makes it this time. Or as Oprah said, I want her to win.

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