Didn’t Dina Teach Lindsay Lohan To Get To The Airport On Time?

linsay lohan LAX Honolulu flightIf you had your DVR set to record Lindsay Lohan‘s incredibly awkward Playboy pictorial debut on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, you might want to go and make some adjustments. Lindsay won’t be “revealing” her Playboy spread that leaked all over the internet last week because she missed her flight to Los Angeles.

The former child star has been vacationing in Hawaii for a bit and was supposed to catch a flight to California to tape the sit-down with Ellen yesterday. The show was slated to air tomorrow, December 15th according to US Weekly. But since the actress failed to make her flight, Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson‘s 13-year-old daughter, will make an appearance instead.

The appearance with Ellen was booked over two months ago as part of her contractual obligation to Playboy, reports New York Daily News.

Hugh Hefner surely must be disappointed in his cover girl missing her promotional taping. After Lindsay’s spread leaked last week, Hef tweeted over the weekend about how thrilled he was with the frantic Internet search for her photographs. He moved up the release of the magazine to appease her rabid fans, adding that she was “hot hot hot.”

Lindsay may be 25, but as an adult she clearly doesn’t have a team or even a supportive family around to keep her or her career on track. Aside from the $1 million dollars that the young woman was given for the spread, this Playboy shoot was intended to revive her career. But as she misses flights and cancels TV appearances, it’s unclear whether young Lindsay is all that dedicated to such a comeback.

(photo: WENN)

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