Lindsay Lohan Met Her Sort Of Boyfriend’s Parents And It Apparently Went Well (WTF)

shutterstock_119924617Lindsay Lohan is a very troubled young woman. And you don’t even need to have my job to know that. While some insist on heaping on sympathy for the young women who had a childhood marked with abuse, others think it’s finally time that we throw in the towel on pretending that she has a career worth saving. But regardless of how you feel about glancing at her latest mishaps in the blogosphere, I imagine your opinion would change dramatically if she was suddenly dating your child.

Have mercy for the parents of Wanted singer Max Georgethe reported sort of boyfriend but maybe not of Lindsay Lohan. The two, who are at the bare minimum friends (which would be enough to give any parent a coronary), are rumored to have been dating ever since she reportedly assaulted a woman in November. (Just a sweet relationship detail).

Lindsay has apparently been in London “partying it up,” and was invited to her beau’s family’s home in Manchester. And get this, the family visit “went off without a hitch.” Max thought it was time to bring Lindsay home to meet the parents, something he has been “adamant” about for awhile. Fun times for all:

Lindsay happily made the visit early this week — and we’re told Lindsay had a great time, hanging out with the whole George clan for an entire day … and she felt very at home.

I’m not saying the young lady isn’t capable of turning over a new leaf. I’m just saying Geroge’s parents must live under a Manchester-sized rock (without WIFI).

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