Lindsay Lohan To Become A Sister Again  And Man, Is She Ever Pissed

star hollywood event 4 250412Wait, I kind of feel badly for Lindsay Lohan. That’s because her crappy dad Michael Lohan and his on-again, off again girlfriend Kate Major, 28, are expecting their first child together, according to E! News. Michael, you’ll recall, was arrested and charged with battery last October after a domestic dispute with Major. (She claimed the dispute began when she refused to perform oral sex on him). It was one of many arrests for Michael and shock of all shocks he was arrested yet again just two day later when he began harassing Major despite his restraining order.

So, yeah, this guy’s a piece of work. And I don’t blame Lindsay one bit for being upset. If TMZ is to be believed, the actress was shocked to hear that her 52-year-old dad and Major are expecting. She’s wondering how he’ll support another child or, rather, not support another child since he’s pretty much a deadbeat dad and she’s disappointed that she didn’t hear the news from Michael himself. (Can you blame her?)

I actually feel for Lindsay, the eldest of four (sibs are Michael, 25, Ali, 18, and Cody, 16). What’s really insane is that Major’s restraining order against Michael was lifted only a few weeks ago, which means that the act of conception was technically illegal. Crazytown.


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