Former Child Star Lindsay Lohan Is Teaching Actual Children At A Brooklyn Daycare

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mean girlsThe parents of the world tend to be a little nervous about the people to whom they entrust care of their children, and that’s understandable. Even complaining about kids on Facebook is grounds for concern to a parent who has to leave a small child with a relative stranger. But even the most laid-back of free-range parents would probably be a little surprised at the knowledge that their child’s caregiver was former child movie star and current cautionary tale Lindsay Lohan.

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As someone who is as passionate a Mean Girls fan as you will ever see, I continue to root for Lindsay Lohan to wow us all with a big, glamorous movie star comeback and a totally happy, healthy personal life. But for that to happen she’s going to have to finish paying all the debts she’s accrued, including 125 hours of community service for a reckless driving conviction from 2013. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has only actually served about nine hours of that, and her hours are due by May 28. In order to get them done by the deadline, Lohan has reportedly returned to the U.S. from London, and she will be serving her community service at the Duffield Children’s Center, a daycare facility in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

“Ready to help,” Lohan posted to Instagram this week after getting back from London. And while many parents would balk at the idea of Lohan taking care of their kids, she has reportedly worked with the daycare center for community service before, and they said it went just fine and they were happy to have her back.

“She did a great job with the kids last time. The kids loved her. We imagine it’s going to be a lot of similar work – doing art projects and different curriculum-based creative activities,” said Nish Suvarnakar of Brooklyn Child Services to the New York Daily News. Lohan’s community service will reportedly involve supervised arts and crafts and reading time with the kids, and administrative work for the center.

Lohan has until May 28 to complete all the community service or Judge Mark A. Young says, “there will be consequences.” Lohan has reportedly had three years to complete her community service, and she could face jail time if she fails to get her hours done by the deadline. By TMZ’s calculations, Lohan would have to work seven hours a day, seven days a week to meet the deadline.