Lindsay Lohan Was Arrested Again And Maybe We Have To Stop Blaming Her Parents

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Lindsay LohanI feel so conflicted about Lindsay Lohan. Remember when she and her mother got into a domestic dispute? Then her father sold the video of her asking him for help to the press? In that moment, I felt really sorry for Lindsay. I felt like this girl was just doomed from the start, with such conniving and awful parents. I get all this sympathy built up for the troubled starlet, and then she gets arrested in a bar in NYC for assaulting someone.

Seriously, last night, Lindsay Lohan got arrested again. According to reports from the police, Lohan got into an argument with another woman at the NYC club Avenue. The fight became physical and Lohan is being charged with assault. Of course, this is a violation of Lindsay’s probation, so that will be a whole other legal mess. Also, she might be charged with lying to the police in LA after her car accident earlier this year.

I know that it’s been a difficult week for Lohan. Her big comeback, starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime TV Movie Liz & Dick, has just been a series of punchlines. I’m sure the girl is having a rough week. But how does this girl just continue to constantly make her own situation worse, over and over again? Can that really be blamed on awful parents?

At some point, we all have to grow up and take responsibility for our actions. That seems to be a lesson that Lohan was never taught. It’s a family trait to make themselves the victims. Her mother is awesome at it. But Lindsay is a grown adult now. She’s spent enough time in the real world, and had enough opportunity to be away from her parents, that she could choose a different path.

It’s so easy to look at the pieces of slime that are Dina and Michael Lohan and just explain away Lindsay’s numerous transgressions. For a while now, my dear friend Eve Vawter was even considering adopting poor little Lindsay. But after this many arrests and scandals and really horrible decision-making, maybe it’s time to stop giving her an excuse. Even Eve has given up on her. Getting into a physical fight a nightclub last night was her choice. She deserves to bear the full brunt of those consequences.

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