Mommyish’s Lindsay Cross Talks Toddler Makeup On ‘Good Morning America’

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toddler makeupLittle girls wearing make-up never fails to elevate some eyebrows, as evidenced by Lindsay Cross‘s piece on letting her 4-year-old wear make-up for fancy events. Good Morning America‘s Paula Faris visited the mother of one and asked her to elaborate more on this controversial parenting decision.

Lindsay clarified the practice, echoing the sentiments in her piece, about make-up not necessarily equating beauty or even self-confidence for her daughter:

“I think that with make-up, for her, it’s a way for her to be like her mom. I don’t think that she puts two and two together, where you have to wear make-up so that you can present yourself to the world.”

She recognized the critical reactions from some readers as falling in line with many other parenting debates that fail to recognize the individual circumstances of each child:

“I think that [in] parenting, we all want everybody to be like us, because I think then that means that we did it right.”

She plans to have more, “different” conversations with her daughter surrounding makeup and confidence as she gets older, making sure that her self-esteem and self-perception don’t hinge on a compact.