Lily Allen Breaks From Domestic Babyland Fantasy To Record New Album

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lily allenMaternity leave has been noted to be a less than thrilling experience for some women — provided that they can even get leave. For every mother who finally concludes that her baby is “ruining the serenity” of her maternity leave, others are looking to get back to their professional spaces as soon as possible. But when pop songstress Lily Allen famously said that she’d be walking from her music career “to have babies and live in the countryside,” she sounded an awful lot like a woman who had never been locked in a countryside home with babies. To each their own, but the romantic words made the expectant mother and famed singer seem pretty green and idealistic given her career in the limelight.

Who knows if the country isn’t all the mother hoped it would be or if she simply wanted to revisit her talents, but it seems as though Lily has no intention of staying in the country any longer. The British mommy is reportedly working on a new album to be released either late this year or early 2013. The “Smile” singer was photographed mulling about London, breaking from RAK studios with a post-recording cigarette.

Motherhood is usually fraught with compromising circumstances that have a tendency to part with Hallmark-esque scenarios, including but limited to less than perfect pregnancies, troubles with breastfeeding, and some serious postpartum blues. For a lot of women, pregnancy and parenthood are not how they originally envisioned them — and if that means hanging up the keys to that metaphoric country cottage for the sake of happiness, so be it.

(photo: WENN)