Like Netflix? Like Baby Clothes? Now You Can ‘Netflix’ Baby Clothes!

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I hope to grow a big family here but have only two little ones thus far. I have no idea how many more children will come or what their sex will be. So I keep the children’s clothes that have been given to me by my brother and sister-in-law in large, transparent plastic bins. They’re organized by size and fill up a pretty substantial area of the basement. Prior to living in our current house, we had literally no storage, and so this children’s hand-me-down-clothing thing was a ridiculous thing to deal with.

If we didn’t have a basement and didn’t have awesome hand-me-downs from the cousins, I would be so into this Netflix for baby clothes. It’s called Plum (great name!) and you subscribe for a certain number of clothes in a particular size. And when the kid outgrows them, you mail them back. And you get new clothes.

The company uses some of my favorite brands, such as Tea Collection, Petit Bateau, Egg Baby and Kate Quinn Organics.

Customers can say whether they’d like to get two, four or seven outfits at a time. The clothes that are sent out are “organically laundered” and considered “good-as-new” and seasonally appropriate. You have three months to send them back in a returnable envelope with a little organic muslin laundry bag.

My big question? What happens if the clothes are stained while you have them? The company says that’s fine, too. Although I can’t help but think they need to have some sort of incentive structure to get you to keep the clothes clean.

The FAQ is here and from it I learned:

I want to give Plum as a gift, how can I do that?
We’ll soon have a special section of the website for gifts. For now, place your order and in the Pay Pal form, enter the giftee’s name and address as the shipping address. Send us an email with your name and their email address. We’ll send them an email letting them know a gift subscription is on the way. We’ll also enclose a customized card with their order, letting them know they’ve gotten a gift from you.