Check Out the Light-Up Princess Dress the World’s Coolest Uncle Made for Halloween

It’s October, which means it’s officially Halloween! (Halloween is a month-long celebration. Don’t @ me.) And there’s no better way to welcome October than with this amazing light-up princess dress a cool uncle made for his niece.

Redditor Luke_Dukem said his niece wanted to be a princess for Halloween, so he made her a dress that lights up. He posted a photo of the dress, and the only thing lighting up more than this dress is the face of the little girl wearing it.

 Seriously, this wins Uncle of the Year for sure.

As another Redditor pointed out, if you set this to flash from blue to pink, you could have a real-life Sleeping Beauty moment.

“Good job on the dress AND making sure she never gets hit by a car. #ProParent,” another Redditor applauded.

There’s a full step-by-step tutorial on his website. He started with a purchased dress, which means there was no actual sewing involved. There is some soldering, but soldering is easier than it sounds. If you can fill in a bubble on a standardized test, you have all the skills you need to use a soldering iron.


From the look on her face, that little girl is positively ecstatic. This must have been such a treat for her uncle to put together. It was a long, complicated process, but how often do you get to blow a kid’s mind like that? She’s going to be talking about this light-up princess dress for the rest of her life.


He says the whole thing cost about $120, and $45 of that was to buy the dress and petticoat. That’s less than a person would spend on the “good” princess costumes from Disney, and this is way more exciting. (Hm. Now that I say that, a person could also use this technique to make the Disney dresses light up, too.)

What are you guys planning on doing for Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Imgur / Luke_Dukem)

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