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Life Lessons We Can Learn From Toddlers

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4. Value your possessions.

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It’s beyond frustrating when your child loses a particular pacifier and you offer them a different one and they refuse it.. You’ll swear under you breath as you flip couch cushions trying to find the elusive whale patterned binkie, but toddlers are good at valuing the things they are fortunate enough to have instead of always wanting something new.

5. Be affectionate.

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Toddlers love to snuggle up and give hugs and kisses freely. But as we get older, some people stop expressing their affection for those we love. If you have friends and family that enjoy physical affection and you wish you hugged them more often,why not go for it? Hugs are free, don’t be stingy with them.

6. Sleep when you’re tired.

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Those minutes we parents get when our little ones go down for a nap are precious for our sanity, but adults aren’t as kind to themselves when it comes to our own rest. Just like how your toddler has a careful planned snoozing schedule, we too deserve an established sleep routine.

7. Live in the now.

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Toddlers can go from sobbing one minute to laughing the next. Everyone likes to give Taylor Swift the credit, but toddlers have been shaking it off since the days of cavemen. Try to be more like your toddler and let go of things you can’t control.

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