Someone Asked About All the Lies Parents Tell Their Kids, and Hooboy, Parents Are Devious

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“Mom, where is <insert annoying toy>?” “Hmmm, I don’t know kiddo, let’s look for it!” Meanwhile that toy went onto the trash truck 3 weeks ago.

Just a jaunty little tune to let kids know ALL THE ICE CREAM IS GONE.

So many beloved family pets reside on that farm. What a lovely place.

This summer, my girls swam almost everyday. Which is fine! It was hot and it kept them entertained. But then they wanted to swim long into the evening, and by that point, mama needs a cocktail and a soft seat. So I told my darling children that at night, “night fish” swim out of the pool drain and swarm the pool. And the only way to keep them from biting your feet is to turn on the pool lights, which are broken, wouldn’t you know?! Now, every time we walk by the pool at night, my kids look for the night fish. Sometimes I have to bite my cheek from laughing out loud.

What are some of the little white lies you’ve told your kids? Let us know in the comments!

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