Levi Johnston Gets Another Girl Pregnant, Let’s Hope He’s A Better Dad To Baby #2

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bristol palinRemember when Levi Johnston got Bristol Palin pregnant? Ah, good times. Their son Tripp was born in 2008 and, mere months after his birth, the couple split up. Johnston went on to pose for Playgirl; star in a commercial about pistachio nuts (“Now Levi Johnston does it with protection,” the ad joked); and write a book in which he bashes the Palin family for kicks (he even boasts that ab 18-year-old Bristol got pregs just to spite her mom, Sarah Palin, though that doesn’t quite explain why he agreed to impregnate her). The latest news is that Johnston, 21, has impregnated yet another girlfriend.

According to TMZ, Sunny Oglesby – a 20-year-old teacher from Wasilla, Alaska – is pregnant with Johnston’s baby (the announcement is perfectly timed to coincide with Sarah Palin’s gig as Today show co-host). Anyway, Johnston and Oglesby have been together for over a year now, and she is reportedly less than three months along. No word on whether this was a planned pregnancy or simply a lack of birth control (or perhaps even a misuse of birth control). Anything is possible but one thing is for certain: Levi Johnston isn’t exactly a stellar role model when it comes to fatherhood. In fact, the term “deadbeat dad” or “absentee father” is more apt, as far as I’m concerned.

Johnston has claimed in the past that the Palins alienated him from Tripp and that he hardly sees his son as a result. Sorry, but not buying it. It sounds to me like they have zero relationship and that Johnston is just fine with it (wouldn’t most dads fight for access to their children if they actually gave a shit?). Plus, this might just be me, but wouldn’t most decent human beings choose not to spread nasty rumors about their child’s family, including the very woman who bore him a child? Johnston sounds like a jerk and, well, let’s just hope he’s a better father to baby #2.