Let’s Talk About Sex, and Also the Future of Mommyish

(Via Giphy)

Mommyish is a dear and important community, and we’ve been going through some changes lately. As the site matures, grows, and transforms, we want feedback from you guys to make sure we’re going in the right direction. Last month we posted a survey to get reader feedback on the categories and types of content people want to see from us going forward, and we appreciate all the information. (No essential oils, check! But does that mean you guys don’t want to come to my MLM meeting? I’m selling false eyelashes that cure gout.)

One thing that a lot of people said they’d like to talk about is sex and relationships. OK, pervs, let’s talk about sex! (That’s a joke, nobody is pervs here, unless you want to be, in which case rock on with your bad self. We’re sex-positive and kink-friendly around here.) Specifically, let’s talk about the kinds of sex you’d like to talk about.

Please do us a huge favor and vote in this very sexy poll about what aspects of sex and relationships you’d like to see more about here on Mommyish.

[poll id=”65″]

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