Let’s All Look At Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Acting Like A Normal Mother-Daughter Pair

Honestly, can we please stop harping on every move that Katie Holmes makes? Can we please stop over-analyzing every second that Suri Cruise spends with paparazzi constantly in her face? This little girl did not choose to be a celebrity. She did not choose to be hounded and critiqued. She was born to famous people. Let’s stop acting like this makes her fair game for our pop culture’s constant scrutiny.

The latest example of this obnoxious trend that won’t go away is a recent trip out for pizza and ice cream made by Katie and little Suri. This little trip made news simply because it produced some photos of Katie acting like a normal parent and Suri acting like a normal kid. Really quick, I would like to run through all the ways that this was a pretty standard mother-daughter outing, instead of a spectacle worthy of international press.

  1. They were out at 9pm. I guess this makes it “past Suri’s bedtime” and a “late-night” trip. You know what else it makes it? Normal. For the record, my daughter is four and she routinely stays up until 9pm. Also, there have been plenty of nights where we’ve kept her out that late do to odd schedule fluctuations or social events. In fact, the past two nights we attended a family dinner and a birthday party that kept us out until about 9pm. It’s not our normal, but it happens.
  2. Katie took away her ice cream. When my daughter misbehaves, I take away her treat. It could be that she didn’t hold my hand and look both ways before starting to cross the street. It could be that she said something inappropriate. It could be that she whined, bossed, yelled or acted in any way which she knows is not allowed in public. If a child misbehaves, most parent would take their treat away. The fact that Katie Holmes did so last night is not news. It’s called parenting. Millions of people do it every day.
  3. When she was disciplined, Suri cried. Last weekend, my daughter asked for a small toy while we were at the grocery store. Being a frequent pushover, I acquiesced, grabbed what she was pointing to off the shelf, handed it to her and moved on. Apparently, I got the wrong one. My daughter threw the offending toy behind her and loudly demanded a different one. I told her that she now got nothing. When this happened, my daughter cried, right there in the grocery store. I know this is shocking, but discipline isn’t normally fun. It doesn’t really induce joy in children. Or else it wouldn’t be discipline. Suri is six. It’s pretty normal for a six-year-old to cry when something is taken away from her, no matter what the reason is.
  4. When Suri cried, Holmes didn’t give in. Once again, this is an example of good parenting. No one likes to listen to their kids cry. It’s not fun. But they have to learn to respect our rules. And they break them, that can mean losing treats. Period. When I was in the grocery store with my daughter, I did exactly what Holmes seems to be doing in this picture. I kept right on going and calmly explained to my little girl that her behavior was unacceptable.

This was not a news-worthy event. This was something that has happened to every mother on the planet. Holmes seemed to handle it well. So maybe we should stop talking about “Suri’s tantrum” and take a minute to commend “Katie’s parenting.”

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com)

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