It’s A Pirate Costume Not A Wedding Gown, Let Your Kid Wear It Before Halloween

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I hate it when parents treat Halloween costumes like some super special, precious item that can’t be soiled. If your kid wants to wear his Halloween costume constantly — why not let him?

This is the first year my kid has been really into Halloween. He was just shy of three last year, now he’s just shy of four — and what a difference a year makes. Last year he was mildly amused when we put his Incredible Hulk costume on. This year, we put his Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume on and he refuses to take it off. I’m totally okay with that. He can wear it everyday until Halloween if he wants — it’s festive. What do I care?

No, he’s not wearing it to preschool, but only because I don’t want the other kids to feel like they’re missing out. Also, we live in Florida and I don’t want him sweltering in non-breathable polyester. But if wearing his costume around the house for a few hours a day makes him happy – why not?


I think we’ve become collectively anal about our kids and their appearances. I couldn’t care less if my child’s Halloween costume is slightly dirty or needs to be sewn because I had to wash it a few times before Halloween and it’s too cheap and flimsy to hold up to that kind of treatment. So what? He’s not Heidi Klum, he’s a four-year-old. If my one-and-half-year-old wanted to wear her magical unicorn fairy princess daily — I’d let her, too. But she is showing no interest, and probably won’t for a few years.

I might just be laid back about these things because it’s in my nature to be laid back. My house isn’t perfect. I don’t have Pinterest-worthy anything. It’s just not who I am. I honestly didn’t even like Halloween before I had kids. But seeing my son in that costume — dancing around and singing Yo-Ho matey’s awaaaaaayyyy is the best. Why would I put a stop to that kind of joy?

If your kid is wants to wear their Halloween costume before the big day and you’ve never considered letting them before — maybe you should. There’s a very small window of opportunity for doing things like wearing pirate boots and a headband and carrying a foam sword to Publix. Do you really want that window to close because you needed them to have a pristine costume?

I don’t.

(photo: Maria Guido)