Lesbian Homecoming Couple Face Threats

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Yesterday we wrote about Rebecca Arellano and Haileigh Adams – a lesbian couple who won the title of homecoming king and queen at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego. It’s the first time a same-sex couple has been crowned with the honor, and it’s seen as a major victory among the LGBTQ community.

But now “adults bullies” are putting a major damper on this historical win. “I am disappointed that this happy and positive event has received national media coverage, which has attracted what I can only call a slew of hate calls and email,” superintendent Bill Kowba said in a statement. Many of the comments were hateful, he said, and showed “a lack of tolerance.” He also said the response is “disrupting the work of the school to focus on the education of the students… If these calls and emails were from students, they would face disciplinary measures.”

It’s heartbreaking that kids as young as 14 years old are committing suicide as a result of bullying – including openly gay teens like Jamey Rodemeyer – and yet there are grown men and women out there who continue to bully others because of their sexuality. Kowba said that many of the hate calls came from outside of San Diego (in other words, they weren’t from parents of kids who attend the school), but that doesn’t change the fact that such a lovely story caused such outrage on national, and possible even international, scale.

“I look forward to the day when all students can come to school, free of harassment and bullying,” Kowba said. Amen!