Kid Sisters Lennon And Maisy Will Blow Your Mind

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call your girlfriendI get sent random videos of little kids doing little-kid things almost daily. You know, the post-op ones where kids are all high on anesthesia (hate those), or  ones where they’re performing a dance routine and you secretly think, “Yeah, that’s cute and all, but my own kids do that every day.” [Delete!]

But this morning a friend sent me a link to this YouTube video of kid sisters Lennon and Maisy performing Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and, holy crap, they blew my mind. Rarely have I seen such raw talent out there on the interwebs. Lennon is 12 years old and Maisy just 8 – and let me tell you, they are the real deal. Their voices are out of this world, and they sing with such passion, it’s hard to believe they’re just children. They also sing with no accompaniment except for a couple of empty plastic margarine tubs.

What’s also mind-blowing is how Maisy has pretty much mastered the harmonies at age 8. I mean, really! Turns out their parents, Brad and Marylynne Stella, are musicians as well, proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Check out the video below – it will totally make your day.


[youtube_iframe id=”7_aJHJdCHAo”]