Leighton Meester’s Mother Misuses Her Daughter’s Money For Botox and Plastic Surgery

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The lovely ladies of Crushable have been discussing reasons that they don’t want to be famous. After reading that Leighton Meester’s mother used her daughter’s money for Botox, hair extensions and cosmetic surgery, I think we can add one more to their list. I don’t want to be a celebrity because then I won’t have to worry about terrible people taking advantage of me.

Apparently, aside from being a busy Hollywood starlet and a courageous fashionista, Leighton is also one of the world’s most caring sisters. The actress sends her mother $7500 a month to help take care of her younger brother who has medical issues. But apparently, Meester found out that her mother has been using the funds for personal expenses and is suing. Constance Meester claims that her daughter promised to give her $10,000 a month for the rest of her life. Apparently, my mother’s negotiating skills are lacking, because the only thing she’s ever gotten me to promise to is weekly phone calls.

I realize that this may not be the most popular reaction to Meester’s troubles, but I’m oddly comforted after hearing this awful tale. It makes me feel that no matter how much I screw up, my children can still grow up to be amazing people. Whether you like Gossip Girlor not, Leighton Meester is a successful actress who obviously still wants to help and support her family. Of the various Hollywood divas suffering from meltdowns and DUI’s, I rarely hear Meester’s name pop up. But she obviously comes from a very difficult childhood. She was born while her mother was serving jail time for drug trafficking. And her mother doesn’t seem to be have grown a conscious since then.

If a woman can still grow up to be healthy and successful given these circumstances, my neurosis can’t wound my child too badly. There’s the silver lining in this truly sad tale. I just hope that Leighton and her brother are both doing ok and supporting each other. Good luck in the upcoming media craze as the lawsuit plays out in court.

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