Lady Engineer-Inspired LEGOs For Girls Are Off To A Strong Voting Start

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legos for girlsWhen it was announced that engineer and Wired cover girl Limor Fried was taking her own crack at designing “LEGOs for girls,” her “Ladyada’s Workshop” was met with blogosphere acclaim. Peggy Orenstein even tweeted “How do I get one ?!?!?” in response to Fried’s designs along with over 90% of Mommyish readers approving of the project. But now it’s time for parents to put their support where LEGO will be sure to see it, as Limor’s project is officially accepting votes to become purchasable.

legos for girlsAs we reported, “Ladyada’s Workshop” has been submitted into LEGO Cuusoo which puts fan made LEGO sets to a vote. Those that receive 10,000 supporters are eligible for LEGO to consider actually making and selling. So with  a strong 1,000 votes out of the gate, Fried’s project isn’t doing half bad. Make this LEGO set, complete with a mini computer and microscope, a reality for boys and girls by voting here. Encouraging little girls to participate in an engineer workshop should take prority over relegating them to salons.