Everything IS Awesome Because The Lego Movie Dudes Want The Sequel To Have More Female Characters

UnknownIf you have a kid like mine who fell madly in love with Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie and you found yourself totally stoked that the movie gave our kids a baddass, strong, independent chick character you will be thrilled about this news that the Lego Movie sequel will feature even more gender equality with the next one. Quoted from The Daily Mail, filmmaker Chris McKay had this to say:

‘I’m not sure our movie passes the Bechdel test entirely and I think that it’s important”

I’ll give you a second to swoon that a fancy Hollywood dude even knows what the Bechdel test is before I give you this other quote:

‘For us we have a lot of producers that were female who had concerns and we were always constantly saying to ourselves: ‘Are we just a bunch of white guys sitting here making this movie from our own myopic point of view?

‘We were constantly responding to that question and that helped us make Wyldstyle a better character and Unikitty a more interesting character.

‘I think it’s forcing us to look at how we make a sequel and turn that into something that’s more powerful and special.’

When do they start filming the sequel how long do we have to wait can they ask me my opinion on what should happen in the next movie because I think it should be Unikitty’s chance to save the day!!!!

I think this news is so amazing awesome and I love the fact that the creators are aware that girls go see movies and love Lego just as hard as boys do and that they will focus on bringing our kids more strong female characters for them to relate to. Let’s all go now and get some tents and camp put in from of the theater so we can be sure to buy tickets when they come out!

(H/T: Jezebel, Image: wikipedia)

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