Finally! ‘Legitimate Rape’ Pharmaceutical Ad Shows Uterus Preventing Rape Pregnancy

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Given how abrasive Todd Akin‘s “legitimate rape” comments were, it’s understandable that parodies on such an asinine observation took some lag time. While I’m personally still perplexed as to how “forcible rape” touting Paul Ryan could now be asserting “rape is rape,” we are assured that Mitt Romney‘s top of the ticket-ness will ensure rape exceptions for abortion. I suppose we should be pleased with that lollipop? But in case you are still curious as to how anyone could envision a woman’s reproductive system shutting down in response to rapey sperm, we now have the appropriate visual.

This “Legitimate Rape” pharmaceutical ad shows those magical uteruses in action, talking ovaries and all. Watch as they dispense orders to “shut that whole thing down” while a fair-skinned woman gets randomly assaulted. With a smile, she espouses the pregnancy preventative powers of legitimate rape — available wherever women are routinely assaulted.

WARNING: The video is frightening to watch. View at your own risk.

[youtube_iframe id=”KtzqvqzBdUQ”]