Baby LED Light Costume Is Adorable And I Am Totally Stealing This Idea

LED light costume

I have three words for you, dear readers; LED Light Costume. Halloween is a week away and already the competition for “best kid’s costume on the internet” is heating up. The costumes range from hilarious to political (not to mention the approximately one billion Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead costumes) but the coup de grace has to be this adorable LED light costume that is meant to be a stick figure.

The maker of the costume (aka my new hero) is Royce Hutain, a photographer who goes by Visual Burrito (now he’s double my hero) on YouTube. Apparently LED light suits are a thing too, because Hutain also makes them for snowboarders. Because he is awesome. He also seems to have a knack for putting his 22-month-old daughter into hilariously cute situations, as is evidenced by his channel on YouTube.

Hutain promised to post a tutorial on how to makes your very own LED light costume, which is great because I am totally stealing his idea for a costume party this weekend. Because if it looks this damn cute on a two year old, how could it NOT be adorable on me?

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