Learn The Names Of Jurors Who Determined Casey Anthony ‘Not Guilty’ This Fall

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The verdict in the notorious Casey Anthony trial has parents everywhere infuriated, especially considering one of the jurors, Jennifer Ford, has confessed to believing that the young mother is not innocent. Having been released for time already served, the 25-year-old mother walked away with a mere charge for lying to the police. But for those jurors who were convinced that the prosecution didn’t prove Casey to be guilty, their anonymity disappears in October.

AP reports:

Judge Belvin Perry of Orlando said in an order that he could find no exemption to Florida’s liberal public records that would allow him to keep the jurors’ names private. But he said he wanted to implement a three-month “cooling off” period before making the names public to ensure the jurors’ safety.

The jury’s safety, as well as that of Casey Anthony, have been called into question after some members received threats. After the verdict was announced, protesters outside the courthouse also allegedly held signs that read “Arrest the Jury!” and “Juror 1-12 Guilty of Murder!!!”

AP also writes:

Perry noted in his order other examples of hostility toward jurors. A restaurant in the jurors’ home county posted a sign after the verdict saying the jurors were not welcome, and one of the jurors retired two months earlier than planned because her colleagues at work were upset with the verdict, he said.

A “cooling off” period may be wise, but I doubt three months will do much to assuage the nation’s deep resentment towards the mother who is considered to have gotten away with murder. Although the jurors were not complicit in the crime, Casey’s lack of legal culpability for the death of Caylee makes them seem as such in the eyes of the public.