LeAnn Rimes Loves Being A ‘Bonus-Mom’ Almost As Much As She Loves Rubbing It In Brandi Glanville’s Face

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shutterstock_99152516__1368984636_142.196.156.251I don’t know how I missed the Mother’s Day fiasco that transpired between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville. I’m usually all over this kind of crap. Apparently, Rimes sent Glanville some flowers on Mother’s Day. Because that’s what you do after you take up with someone’s husband and destroy their family – send them flowers. Ew.

So she sends her flowers for Mother’s Day, but actually spends most of the weekend talking about all the gifts she, herself got and how special it is to be a stepmother. Yes, it’s great to enjoy being a stepmother – I enjoy it, too. But never in a million years would I have dreamed of gloating about it the first few years I was with my husband, simply out of respect for my stepdaughter’s mother. And they were totally split up when we met, by the way. I think in these kinds of scenarios, it’s important to know your place and act with respect.

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I’m not saying stepmothers don’t deserve acknowledgement, because they do. I’m saying she doesn’t. I’m sorry if most of you can’t see how icky this woman is – but I’m just trying to put myself in Glanville’s position – who has repeatedly stated that Cibrian was the love of her life and that she was destroyed by this affair. Imagine this; your dirt bag husband cheats on you, marries his mistress, and then parades their new, happy life (which includes your children, by the way) all over the Internet. That is douchebaggery in the first degree. Rimes, having no children of her own can not understand how gross her behavior is.

I think that when you fall into the roll of stepmom as a result of destroying someone’s marriage, you should just slow your roll and know your place. And if you can’t do that – at least don’t pretend that you are the nicer one and all above-it-all by sending Mother’s Day flowers to a woman you obviously have no respect for.

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of Glanville’s or anything. She was on Jay Leno once, and they were doing one of his pop quizzes and she didn’t know who William Shakespeare was and couldn’t find Italy on a map. I just think it’s despicable to use someone’s kids to pour salt in the gaping wound you left when you walked off with their husband.

But, it could just be the pregnancy hormones talking. I should be back next week with less ire after this baby finally exists my body.

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