LeAnn Rimes Enjoys Being A ‘Bonus Mom’

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Here at Mommyish, we realize that ‘stepmom’ might have some troubling connotations. Our very own Rebecca Eckler has discussed the need for another title, any title that doesn’t remind us of fairy tale villains. LeAnn Rimes obviously agrees, because she’s decided to go with the name “Bonus Mom”. Rimes and new husband, Eddie Cibrian, were out with his two young sons recently in Malibu. Here is Rimes pushing her 4 year-old stepson, Jake, on the swings.

The labels for step-parents have always been a little confusing. Here in our house, my daughter refers to her biological father as “Daddy-Father” and her step-dad as “Daddy-Scott”. Since my husband and I got married when she was quite young, we basically let her decide how she wanted to label everyone. This is what she came up with and it works for us. Personally, I think the relationship is much more important than the title, so families just need to go with what feels natural. Good for Rimes, coming up with something that makes her comfortable and shows how much she cares for her step-sons.

(Photo: Daily Mail)