The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Halloween Costume Hacks

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Today is October 18th. There are exactly 13 days left until Halloween and if you don’t have a canned, store-bought costume by now or if you haven’t started the arduous process of hand-making one, you are basically SOL. I was at Target a few days ago on the hunt for a set of Raphael swords for my son (we literally got the last set they had) and the costume aisles are like a ghost town. All that’s left are a few adult-size Captain America costumes and some really questionable-looking wigs. Yes, your options are few and far between at this point, but have no fear! We have assembled a list of Halloween costume hacks for all of the last-minute parents out there who need to pull a rabbit out of a hat before October 31st.

1. Minecraft Kid

minecraft kid

(via Momadvice)

Do you have a cardboard box? Do you have access to a computer, paper and printer? Perfect- you have everything you need for this costume. Clicking the image will take you right to the site where there are printing instructions.

2. Bag Of Jelly Beans

jelly belly

(via ReallyAwesomeCostumes)

Obviously, this is an adult but of course, this could be done for a child as well. Just use less balloons.

3. Scuba Kids

scuba juds

(via Costume-Works)

This is so adorable and SO easy. Clothes they already have, empty two-liter soda bottles, duct tape and swim goggles. Ta-da!

4. Mini Artist


(via DelightfulOrder)

An all-black outfit, a little paint and a jaunty black hat turns your little one into the world’s cutest artiste.

5. Little Cat Lady

cat lady

(via DesignDazzle)

This is absolutely adorable and I think a little kid would get a kick out of it. My daughter has several stuffed cats and a robe so if she borrowed some of my old rollers, we would be all set. Too funny.

(Image: Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock)