Lawyer Of Leiby Kletzky’s Accused Killer Resigns, Plus ‘Leiby’s Law’ Proposed

There’s no questioning the tremendous impact Leiby Kletzky‘s tragic, unthinkable death has left not only in the Brooklyn community but the world over. Like most human beings, I cannot even think about this little boy and his family without feeling physically ill (it’s like your mind will only let you go there for so long). The details are so gruesome that accused killer Levi Aron‘s defense attorney Gerard Marrone abruptly resigned late last night.

The father of three told the New York Daily News that his conscience prevented him from going on. “I have three little boys,” he explained. “You can’t look at your kids and then look at yourself in the mirror knowing that a little boy, who’s close in age to my eldest, was murdered so brutally.”

Leiby’s parents released a statement for the first time thanking New Yorkers for their support and asking people to honor their son with “acts of unity and loving kindness” and by lighting a candle for him on Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath). They’ve also set up a memorial fund in Leiby’s honor with the hope of raising $1 million for needy children.

Meanwhile, Borough Park City Councilman David Greenfield has proposed a bill that aims to create “shelters” on every block in the five boroughs for lost children. “Leiby’s Law” would distribute green ‘Safe Haven’ stickers to participating businesses where owners could call the police while providing shelter to children who are lost or in trouble. (Employees would undergo background checks.)

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