Lauryn Hill’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Fixing To Be A Supermodel

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selah marleyThe very talented and reclusive Lauryn Hill may not be in the public eye much these days, but her second oldest child is looking to get into the limelight as a model. Twelve-year-old Selah Marley recently took some test shots hoping to get picked up by a modeling agency and has already appeared in Teen Vogue — as a tween!

The daughter to Lauryn Hill and granddaughter to Bob Marley dished last year that she wanted to be a recording artist some day, and there were even videos floating about the interwebs of her singing Justin Bieber songs. Young Selah is reportedly a straight A student who describes her love of modeling as, “I don’t know—the camera is just fun.”

Although there is is no doubt that the little girl is beautiful, and most likely very gifted given her musical family, her early induction into the industry is rather irksome. Fame was not exactly kind to her mother who famously stopped recording and moved to New Jersey to live a more quiet, family life with her five children. [tagbox tag=”children in the media”]

On her legacy, Selah has said:

“People tell me I have to follow in the footsteps of my mom and grandfather, but it’s a lot of pressure—I can’t really slip up and mess up the name.”

Yet even if she did manage to soil the Marley name, blame would be difficult to muster up given that she’s entering the arena so young.