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Mom’s Mouse in the House Tale Has the Internet Cry-Laughing

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“I decided to call my husband because there’s a mouse in the house, and when there is a mouse in the house other than blow torching the house down there isn’t much in the way of rational thinking.”

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Her husband, for some odd reason, didn’t think leaving work to come home and remove the rodent was the best plan. He asks her where it is, and she peeks in the room again. To her horror, it’s dead. A DEAD MOUSE. Honestly, a blow torch seems logical at this point.

“Oh my lord the mouse is dead. I have a DEAD mouse in my house. I start to cry a little bit. It’s dead… it never had a chance to live its life.” Typical mom response, am I right?

Her husband tells her to get a piece of paper and scoop it up. So Laura downs some whiskey for liquid courage and storms the room. Only to discover it’s not a mouse. Not even close. It’s…A TINY TOY LEOPARD.

mouse in the house

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“I nod to myself and say we shall never tell a soul about this.”

Laura’s husband asked later how it went, and Laura told him “Mate, I handled that shit”. Because she’s a badass independent woman who can handle a mouse. And also because it was a tiny plastic leopard. But that’s our little secret.

Okay so I've been debating whether to post this because I'm convinced people will think I'm an incapable human being at…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Laura Mazza is no stranger to making the internet ROFL with her crazy stories. You may recognize her as the mom who let one rip during yoga. Whether she’s farting during inappropriate times, or “rescuing” her family from a mouse, we love that she shares these stories with us. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there, in some way. And it’s nice not to know we’re not alone in our fear of inanimate, misidentified toys.

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