New Employee Shocks Coworkers by Showing Up Late and Blaming Her Mom for It

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The vast majority of young people are smart and hardworking, and they’re mature young adults who have their lives together. Others, however, are bewildering their coworkers and giving Millennials a bad name by acting like giant babies in the office. This week one Twitter user was shocked by a late employee who did not apologize and actually blamed her mom for it. Because waking her up is her mom’s job.

According to Sora News 24, a Twitter user going by RinRin is a businesswoman in her 40s. She’s been working for the same company for several years. Recently a young woman hired right out of college shocked all her coworkers by showing up very late to work at a time when most people would be trying hard to make a good impression. Then she doubled-down on the entitled absurdity by saying her lateness was her mom’s fault.

“It’s not my fault, making sure I show up to work on time is my mom’s job.”

RinRin wrote that the young woman didn’t actually show up to work until 10:30, and she hadn’t called or emailed anybody beforehand. She just showed up an hour and a half late. Lateness can happen to a lot of people. Sometimes the train is slow. Sometimes there’s a traffic accident. And sometimes we just screw up and are late. Being late is human, and in most cases we just apologize for it and promise to do better next time. But when the young woman’s supervisor asked what had happened, the woman said she was late because, “Mama wasn’t feeling well this morning so she didn’t wake me up.”

The office was instantly abuzz with the tale of this adult woman who still made her mom wake her up in the morning. Nobody seemed to know which was weirder, that she still had her mom wake her up in the mornings, or that she wasn’t embarrassed to tell her boss that her mom still woke her up, and she was late to work because her sick mom didn’t get up and make her go to work on time.

“I’m an hour and a half late for work. Clearly it’s time to make myself a fruit plate instead of getting to work.”

Then things got even weirder, because the new hire did not rush right to her desk and get to work as soon as possible. Instead, she went to the break room and started cutting up some fruit to make herself a nice little breakfast fruit plate. A supervisor, still gobsmacked by the “it’s my sick mom’s job to get me to work on time” excuse, reportedly tried to talk to her about it. Then the new employee accused her boss of harassment for telling her not to eat breakfast.

“Isn’t it power harassment to tell a subordinate not to eat breakfast?” she reportedly said to her boss.

Then she doubled down on the ridiculousness and huffily said that she didn’t see why she should have to sit at her desk being hungry with an empty stomach, when all of her other coworkers had eaten breakfast already. (Also, RinRin specified that lunch is at 11:30. That means it was only an hour away.)

Ugh. I’m cringing with secondhand embarrassment for this new hire, and it’s even worse because she doesn’t seem to realize anything embarrassing happened. I hope her sick mom got a good rest. She should probably just keep sleeping in regularly, instead of having to wake up early to make sure her grown adult daughter gets up, eats breakfast, and leaves on time like a 10-year-old.

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