6 Ways To Save Face If You Totally Forgot About Father’s Day

GettyImages-76762632You dropped hints for weeks before Mother’s Day and he made sure the kids delivered, giving you a wonderful day that made you feel appreciated and special. Now it’s your turn to help the kids do the same for him, but with all the start of summer/end of school chaos, you ran of time to plan anything elaborate or even order a gift off Amazon. Have no fear, this doesn’t have to be the year that goes down in family history as the time you forgot Father’s Day. These last minute ways to celebrate will have you looking like you knew what you were doing all along.

1.  Have the kids bring him his watch and then tell him his gift this year is the gift of time with the family. Then let him chose a family activity while you sneak off to cancel that mani-pedi you were planning on.

2. Grab the camera and recreate his favorite photos from when the kids were babies. You’ll love looking through old pictures and reminiscing about the early days of parenthood, and a “then and now” frame with photos will look great on his desk or dresser.

3. Cook. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate brunch prepared by the kids, but everyone likes to eat a meal they don’t have to prepare, especially if he has a favorite dish that you make best.

4. Enlist the kids to put on a performance. They can act out his favorite movie, do re-enactments of funny family stories or even dance around to the radio. Bonus points if you record it to watch again after the kids go to bed.

5.Greeting cards are sappy and overpriced. Buck tradition and grab the craft supplies to make coupons that let him pass off some household tasks to you or the kids. Try not to be disgruntled when his first order of business is to have you mow the lawn.

6. Let him know you appreciate him. At the end of the day, gifts are great, but Father’s Day is ultimately about pausing to let dads know that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. You don’t need to have a prepared speech, but telling him directly that parenting is that much better with him by your side will make the day a success.

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