GMA’s Lara Spencer Apologizes For Insensitive Comment About Prince George And Ballet

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Good Morning America morning co-anchor Lara Spencer has been all over the news as laughed off Prince George’s interest in ballet classes. In a segment about the future King of England’s very ‘normal’ day, pencer laughed and said, “We’ll see how long that lasts,” in reference to Prince George’s continuing ballet classes. Chastised by many in the dance community for bullying not only the little royal, but boys in dance all over the world, Spencer sought out and found education and forgiveness from the likes of famous dancers Travis Wall and Robbie Fairchild.

Boys Dance Too, Thank You Very Much

And while Spencer formally apologized for ‘screwing up, a group of male dancers protested outside the studio.

Spencer said her comment was stupid and insensitive and she’s had an opportuntity to learn and hopefully grow from the education she’s gotten in the days since the segment aired. Viewers were not happy, including celebrities like Debbie Allen and Paula Abdul and the hashtag #boysdancetoo was a wild trender.

Spencer Got Schooled

Spencer said she reached out to members of the dance community to learn more, and in an apology she posted, she wrote that she fully believed all should be free to pursue their passions–whatever they were.

In an interview with famed dancers Travis Wall, Fabrice Calmels and Robbie Fairchild, Spencer said she was sorry for dismissing the bravery it often takes boys to pursue dance careers. Fairchild complimented Spencer on her bravery for tackling her insensitivity and wanting to grow from it, and on an Insta story, Wall told followers Spencer had called him personally to issue an apology in response to his calling her out, and said he believed her to be genuine in her remorse.

You Do You

So what’s the moral of this story, folks? Well, there are several. First, don’t be a bully. Sure, she may have been just saying that regardless of the activity, Prince George may lose interest quickly because kids often do. But, why assume that’s going to just happen in the first place? Let kids go as far as they can possibly go, and then help them reroute if need be. Get that? If need be.

Second, take responsibility for your mistakes. Spencer was called out, realized she’d done wrong, and instead of tweeting at 4 am in her bathrobe about how nothing could possibly be her fault (cough, cough politicians), she took the bull by the horns and went about learning and growing.

And making amends. Because that’s the thing folks–it’s easy to say, “Sorry,” and then expect that’s enough. Spencer didn’t stop there, though. She took the heat, admitted her insensitivity and looked to leaders in the community to be better.

Know better, do better…and we’re all better for it..