I’m Way Skeptical About This Totally Adorable Dust Collector Play Tent

On occasion I will be trolling the internet and seeing all that is new on websites and sometimes I will do a little shopping, as moms are apt to do. And sometimes I find things so ridiculously cool that makes me sqee and freak out and wish my kids were under five because if they were, I would be SO ALL OVER THIS.



From The Land Of Nod, where all parents go to alternately swoon/cry over how expensive things are/swoon comes the Jetaire camper play tent for just under ( By a dollar!) 200 dollars. And yes, you can buy the faux campfire as well.


Can you imagine this set up next to your Christmas tree? Because I sure can! Blargh this is so stinkin’ cute and all my kids are too big for it, except maybe my youngest, but I want it for meeee because I would totally hide in it all day. It could be my home office. It’s all so magical and adorable and how much total fun would this be for your kids, until they got sick of it and you started using it as a makeshift giant toy box and just tossing random stuffed animals and Lego pieces in it while doing a quick clean up? That’s the thing with toys like this, as any parent who has shelled out a hundred bucks for an inflatable ball pit can tell you, they are awesomely fun for a few days and then your kids get bored and no longer use them. It’s the type of thing that if they had at your pediatrician’s waiting room your kids would go bananas over and as soon as you buy one for your house they never want to play with. Which is why cardboard boxes are the best toys ever.

But I will be thinking of this play camper just because it is so cool. I wish I knew the phrase for what this makes me feel, but it’s like this angsty longing that you get when you see amazing kid’s stuff online and you wish you had it because if you did you would be the type of mom who always made amazing Bento box lunches and found be-ribboned hairstyles for your daughter on Pinterest and executed them perfectly and also probably had perfectly themed birthday parties with candy buffets. What’s that word? Because that word is how this makes me feel. And yes, I know, it is very expensive and blah blah blah but The Land Of Nod should send me one so I can properly review it and also hide in it and write all day.

(Images: the Land Of Nod)

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