Watch Out World! Lady Gaga Wants A ‘Soccer Team’ Of Kids

lady gagaA larger-than-life Lady Gaga would like a “soccer team” of mini-Gagas running around one day. Ahhh! This is what the singer told Oprah Winfrey in a much-publicized interview that will air this Sunday on OWN. Okay, so maybe she was exaggerating “I mean, I’m being superfluous but I don’t want to have one [child], I want a few,” she clarified but hey, she certainly has babies on the brain.

The Oprah special will also feature an interview with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, who admitted that her daughter may have a “screw loose.” In the online preview, she tells Oprah:

“When Gaga started emerging, when she was performing I think it was at Joe’s Pub downtown. And she was in her bikini performing ”˜Lady Starlight’ and decided that night to actually light hairspray on fire. And some people left when that happened and a lot of people stayed and thought it was cool. But her father and I were like, honestly, he said, ”˜I think she has a screw loose.’”

The absolute best part of watching this clip is seeing Gaga’s reaction. Her expression is that of a teenager who loves her mom but whose face is really saying, “You’re embarrassing me, Mom. Stop speaking now!” It’s not disrespectful by any means; it’s actually kind of endearing. It just goes to show that even someone as incredibly famous as Lady Gaga has a mother, and that their family dinners probably aren’t that much different from yours or mine when you take away the whole celebrity aspect. (Check it out here and you’ll see what I mean.)

Aside from this Oprah appearance, Gaga doesn’t plan on granting interviews any time soon. “I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time…No press, no television. If my mom calls and says, ”˜Did you hear about…’ I shut it all off,” she said.

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